Hvorfor er et Lauzon gulv så specielt?

Gulve fra canadiske Lauzon kan ikke sammenlignes med andre almindelige trægulve. Lauzon har indarbejdet en helt specielt teknologi i deres gulve kaldet Pure Genius, som blandt andet forbedrer luften i dit hjem med op til 85 %. Teknologien gør også, at du aldrig vil få slidbaner og hverdagsridser i gulvet. Et gulv fra Lauzon er nul drift og 100 % vedligeholdelsesfrit og har desuden hele 50 års garanti på lakken. Du kommer aldrig til at bruge penge på gulvet, når først det er lagt.

Læs mere om Lauzon gulvenes egenskaber i vores brochure.

Collection Designer Sonoma – Fås kun i plank

The design of Lauzon Sonoma wood floors brings a sense of casual living with a chic “je-ne-sais-quoi” that will give any décor character and elegance. The wide and long planks, the very light brushing and matte finish of the surface, showcase the nobility of White Oak in its best way. All Sonoma floors are finished with Lauzon industry-leading Titanium Sunshield finish with Pure Genius natural air purifier.

Collection Designer Estate – Fås I både plank og sildeben

Revealing the beautiful character of White Oak. The new Estate Series adds a bold and elegant statement to your décor. With its combination of Wire Brushed and Hand Scraped worn texture, its array of soft and rich complex colours ranging from greige, warm-taupe, bistre to dark rich browns. And its 6¼”-wide planks, this new White Oak Series brings the essence and warmth of old English chic into your home.

Collection Designer Tempo – Fås I både plank og sildeben

In tune with life’s natural rhythm. There are relaxing rhythms to life – a soft gentle breeze, a child’s heartbeat as they nap, a gentle spring rain. Tempo embodies that same feeling of relaxed comfort. This hardwood flooring series showcases the natural sophistication of Hard Maple and the rich fluid grain of Red Oak. The subtle color palette and ultra-matte sheen lends an understated elegance to a contemporary living space. Feel it, experience it – Tempo offers the perfect balance of easy living and great design.

Collection Designer Authentik – Fås I både plank og sildeben

Oak flooring in its truest form. It’s historic and timeless, with a contemporary twist. Lauzon’s newest solid oak hardwood flooring collection features dramatic grain and a softly brushed finish with a low gloss surface, bringing out the natural beauty of oak. Combined with a fresh color palette, Authentik adds understated elegance to any décor scheme. Go ahead – make a statement with this boldly new classic!

Collection Designer Urban Loft – Får kun I plank

The unique character and subtlety of White Oak. Lauzon’s refined Urban Loft Series lends quiet sophistication to any interior design. The lightly textured, wire brushed White Oak comes in wider, longer planks and offers a soft, subtle statement. The low–matte finish and smoky color palette are available in trend–setting shades from creamy white to rich earthy brown.